Short Stack Ring Lock®

You’ve asked for it and we listened. Safe-T-Shade is introducing another exciting new product, the Short Stack Ring Lock®, which allows you to make your fabric shades and woven woods with an even smaller stack. At 5/8″ it makes the stack more compact but still has that ‘signature’ Ring Lock® waterfall fold. This product is available now at Safe-T-Shade’s online store.

“How in the world did you get those folds so perfect?” asked Karen A. from Charlotte, NC. Well Karen, Safe-T-Shade’s Ring Lock® and Short Stack Ring Lock® are designed to create beautiful waterfall folds with every lift. What’s more, they are safety tested and approved and will replace shrouded cords and ladder tape/cords reducing labor and materials costs for fabricators, designers and workroom owners worldwide. To learn more about Safe-T-Shade’s innovative product line, visit our Ring Lock® product page or call (336) 228-6000.

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