STS™ Cord

New STS™ Cord is woven from a strong, complex polyester material that hold up in sunlight as well as temperature extremes.  It resists damage from harmful UV rays.  The special weave resists stretching and will hold its integrity through the lift/lower cycle.  This superior cording comes in both 1.4mm and .09 mm sizes.  

The 1.4 mm cording has a tensile strength of 90 lbs.  The .09 mm cording has a tensile strength of 35 lbs. Both sizes of cording come in 100 yard and 1,000 yard spools.   Each size and color is offered at a very attractive price point.

The 1.4 mm colors are offered in White, Alabaster, and Tan.

The .09 mm colors are offered in White and Alabaster.

This cording can be used efficiently with our 1.4 mm Ring Locks® and our .09 mm Ring Locks® as well as our ProLift® Professional Lift System and our Motorized ProLift® Professional Lift Systems.

If you are in need of a superior performing cording for your custom shades, look no further.  STS™ Cord is now available through our website or call 336-228-6000 to order over the phone.

Features & Benefits

Visit our store to find the STS Cord that fits your needs.

Certified Best For Kids
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