CordlessPRO™ Professional Wide Band Lift Sheet Systems

The only system that has a completely cordless operation and allows complete control of every function of your shade from the tension, to stopping in the same place every time you lift.

Our patented, CordlessPRO™ Professional Wide Band Lift Sheet System offers a completely cordless solution to your beautiful roman shade manufacturing.  Replace all lift cords with a lift sheet in either 10% Openness or NEW Complete Blackout for a clean look on the back of your shade and remove all cords.  The CordlessPRO™ Professional Wide Band Lift Sheet System uses a Solar Sheet to lift and lower your shade instead of cords, shroud cords or ladder tape on roman shades.  You can place your battens any distance apart instead of the industry standard of maximum 8” between, so your possibilities are endless on your stack.  The headrail allows complete control of the tension and exactly where to stop your shade on every lift and lower.  The medium spring lifts up to 15 pounds and the heavy spring lifts up to 20 pounds.

Features & Benefits

Each Kit Includes

  • 1.5″ Tube
  • 2 Brackets
  • Stop End
  • Spring
  • Screws
  • Lift Sheet
  • J-Guides
  • Acrylic Rods
  • Powder Coated Battens
  • Forever Rings
*Amount Of Components and Size of Spring Will Depend On Size Of Kit Ordered.

*A Pre-Rotation Tool must be purchased separately from your kit on the first kit purchased.  You will use this tool to wind your spring inside the tube.  This tool can be reused with all additional kits purchased.

Visit our Shop Now tab to purchase the CordlessPRO™ Professional Wide Band Lift Sheet System for Beautiful and Guaranteed Safe Roman Shades. For customer service questions regarding safety, installation, and warranty, visit Customer Support.

Shade Specifications

Spring Spring Size Stopper Size Max Shade Weight Min Tube Width Min Dustboard Width Minimum Projection
1.5mm x 450mm 26" 3.9" 15 lbs. 32-1/2" 34-9/16" 2"
1.7mm x 550mm 30" 3.9" 20 lbs. 36-5/8" 38-11/16" 2"

Note: When choosing a spring, pick the longest spring that will fit in the tube as long as the shade weight does not exceed the max shade weight in the chart above. (Shade weight does not include dust board and tube system) For smaller shades the Medium Spring can be cut down to accommodate tube sizes less than 32.50". Please see instructions for assembly in the Customer Support Tab.

Certified Best For Kids
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