ProLift® Professional Lift Systems

Our line of ProLift® Professional Systems now offers you the opportunity to purchase a complete Cordless Safe® lift system for your shades and woven woods. The first of our many systems is the ProLift® CL for cord lock products. This system is now available in our store and includes 1 White Aluminum Fashion WandPRO®, 50 Ring Locks®, 50 Clear Forever Rings®, 5 Level Locks® Inserts, 1 cord lock (up to five cord maximum) and 1 Fashion Wand® cradle in a single money-saving kit.

We are also very excited to introduce our newest ProLift® Professional Lift System for purchase. This new system is the easiest and most complete lift system available on the market and-of course-the most affordable. This Patented system will include all the components you need for assembling your shades and woven woods including: 1 White Aluminum Fashion WandPRO® for Beaded Cord Loop Products, 1 Clear Lift Rod with Adaptors, 5 TCA (Traversing Cord Accumulator) Cones, 50 Ring Locks®, 50 Clear Forever Rings®, 5 Level Lock® Inserts, 1 set of mounting brackets, 1 support brackets, 10 bumpers, and 1 Flat Weight Bar. Call our customer service center or go online to order your ProLift® Today.

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Visit our store to find the ProLift Professional System that fits your needs. For customer service questions regarding safety, installation and warranty, visit Customer Support.

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