Level Lock® Insert

The new clear Level Lock® Insert used, with our Ring Lock®, is our solution for dissatisfied “orb” users across the country. It functions better than an orb, costs less than orb, and looks better than an orb! Unlike obtrusive orbs, the clear Level Lock® Insert levels every shade while essentially disappearing into the back of the window treatment. Let your shades shine without distracting pieces or malfunctions. Our clear Level Locks® Insert adjust easily and snap into place for all types of users so that you never have to worry about an exploding orb spring again.

With 4x the strength of an orb, use clear Level Locks® Insert to reduce call backs for servicing on broken orbs that only hold up to 2.5 lbs. Clear Level Locks® Insert are guaranteed to hold a remarkable 10 lbs. per cord column requiring a tremendous amount of force or pressure to make your shades appear uneven.

Features & Benefits

Visit our store to purchase a Level Lock® Insert today. For customer service questions regarding safety, installation and warranty, visit Customer Support or call (336) 228-6000.


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