IMPRESS® Motorized ProLift Professional Lift System Kits

Name SKU Number Description Price
Impress® ProLift® LL-13 – 36″ PL-LL-13-36 IMPRESS 36″ LL-13 $198.45
Impress® ProLift® LL-13 – 48″ PL-LL-13-48 IMPRESS 48″ LL-13 $208.95


IMPRESS® Motorized Wide Band Lift Sheet Kits

Name SKU Number Description Price
Impress® Wide Band Lift Sheet LL-13 – 24″ WB-LL-13-24 IMPRESS 24″ LL-13 $194.25
Impress® Wide Band Lift Sheet LL-13 – 36″ WB-LL-13-36 IMPRESS 36″ LL-13 $204.75
Impress® Wide Band Lift Sheet BO LL-13 – 36″ WB-LL-13-36 BO IMPRESS 36″ LL-13 BO $215.25
Impress® Wide Band Lift Sheet LL-13 – 48″ WB-LL-13-48 IMPRESS 48″ LL-13 $219.45
Impress® Wide Band Lift Sheet BO LL-13 – 48″ WB-LL-13-48 BO IMPRESS 48″ LL-13 BO $229.95


To order, please give us a call at 336-228-6000


Frequently Asked Questions About Impress™ Motors:

Q: What are Impress™ Motors?
A: Impress™ Motors are Certified New Motors at Factory Outlet Prices. The housing might be slightly scratched from sliding it in to or out of a tube. These motors are new! They have never been used! They have all been tested and program tested for quality assurance.
Q: Do they have a warranty?
A: Impress™ Motors have a 5 year Warranty; 300-500 Lift Lower Cycles between charges; Strong, Quiet, Lithium Ion Battery Powered Motors in both the LL-13 and the ML-23. They will lift 13 lbs. and 23 lbs.
Q: Are these sold in kits like your current offerings?
A: YES! They are sold in the exact same kit configuration as our Motorized ProLift® Professional Lift System as well as our Motorized Wide Band Lift Sheet System. They are only sold in Kits.
Q: Do you charge and program them the same way?
A: Yes! They are the exact same model number we currently sell but might have a few scratches on the housing, so they are discounted for this reason. They have all been certified NEW. The exact same remote and charger is used with Impress™ Motors as our current offerings.
Q: Will Impress™ Motors be available in an unlimited supply?
A: No. We will only get a limited number of these motors in per month. They will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
Q: Do you have the same Customer Support for these motors as you do your current motorization program?
A: YES! We have the exact same Customer Support as we have for our current motors.
Q: How do I order Impress™ Motors?
A: You must call your order in at 336-228-6000 or send an e mail to to place your order. There is no online ordering for the Impress™ Motors.   Impress™ Motors are Certified New Motors at Outlet Pricing. Please call us with any questions you might have at 336-228-6000. We are happy to speak to you about any of these Motorized Kits. All Impress™ Motorized Kits include the exact same components as our current kits. All you will need is your custom shade on a board and your kit will have everything else you need. Impress™ Motors have a limited amount each month so they are first come first served. If you have been wanting to try motorization…Now is your opportunity to see how fabulous these Motorized Kits are. Safe T Shade…Your first stop for all your motorized needs!

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